28 Days Later

October 9th, 2012

Inspired by the 28 days remaining until Election Day, and a preview for the upcoming holiday.


With only 28 days until election day,

There’s no place left to run away.


We woke up 11/07/10, and the world had changed,

Overrun by the violently deranged.


Bloodthirsty zombies had taken over,

All fanatically devoted to God, and Grover.


And unlike the easily eluded zombies of the past,

These updated versions are much stronger, and fast.


Can the country be saved? Can we take it back

From the Tea Party zombies’ violent attack?


That’s what the movie and this election are really about:

Murderous rage eventually (hopefully) burns itself out.


Here’s the trailer for the movie which inspired our title, 28 Days Later (the sequel was good too).

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