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Half and Half Game of Thrones Predictions

Sunday, May 29th, 2016

A follow-up to Another Face in the Wall, plus a summary in verse of tonight’s episode.

Spoiler alert: If you haven’t seen Season 6 Episode 6 yet, this post will reveal some of what happens in it. If you have seen it, read on…unless you don’t want to know what might happen next. What follows are not spoilers, since I have no inside knowledge of what’s going to happen next. These are merely predictions based on plot analysis.


Arya didn’t kill Lady Crane

And Marjorie’s gone fanatic (or insane).

Jamie is kicked out of the King’s Guard

And Daenerys plays the dragon card.

The High Sparrow has converted the King

(Kind of like Congress and the GOP right wing).

Benjen’s back (his walkerization didn’t work)

And Randyll Tarly is a serious jerk.

Gilly says Sam is a nervous talker,

And now Sam has a sword that can kill a walker.

(Remember what I predicted about Sam saving the day?

He’s just furnished himself with a way.)


OK, so my previous prediction about Arya was half right and half wrong. I predicted she wouldn’t kill Lady Crane, which I was right about. However, I also predicted that she’d kill the young actress, which she didn’t do (instead, she told on her). So now she’s lying in bed with Needle, waiting for the Waif to come and try to kill her, with Jaqen’s blessing (“Don’t let her suffer”). Jaqen, dude: I’m disappointed in you. But Jaqen still has a chance to redeem himself, because of my revised prediction of what’s going to happen next.

The Waif will attempt to sneak into Arya’s room and kill her, but Arya will be ready and waiting. They will fight, and Arya will win. Then, Arya will go to Jaqen and say “You said that ‘one way or another, a face will be added to the hall.’ Here is your face” (referring to the Waif’s face).

I suppose at this point, the rest of my earlier prediction could still come true: Jaqen could accept Arya into the Faceless Men and send her to help Daenerys. That would be a very cool story line, but it seems much less likely now. Instead, it seems more likely that Jaqen will tell Arya that she can no longer join the Faceless Men and has to leave, but that “one death has been taken” (with the Waif’s death), and so she won’t be pursued and assassinated, as long as she leaves Bravos and never comes back. That’s what I want to happen, because I want Jaqen to have a chance to redeem himself, and I don’t want Arya to get assassinated later (if the Faceless Men are after you, it’s just a matter of time).

Of course, maybe Arya will just run away after killing the Waif instead of going to Jaqen, but I don’t think that will happen, because I think she needs to close the loop with Jaqen. Otherwise, both she and we will be constantly looking over her shoulder for Faceless Man assassins.

Either way, whether Arya (1) joins the Faceless Men and gets sent to held Daenerys, (2) is kicked out, but works things out with Jaqen so they they won’t be trying to kill her, or (3) just runs away after killing the Waif, I predict that she won’t be hanging around at Faceless Man Headquarters anymore.


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