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Leadership for Louisiana

Saturday, December 6th, 2014

Inspired by Mary Landrieu is the best choice by far for Louisiana, Landrieu for senate (The Houston Chronicle 10/30/14), and This May Be Mary Landrieu’s Last Election Day (Huffington Post 12/06/14 07:30).

It's in Louisiana's voters (and Big Oil's) interest to stick with Mary Landrieu.


“When Mary Landrieu was elected to the U.S. Senate 18 years ago, Louisiana residents needed her to become a strong and effective advocate for the state. She did that, forging relationships across party lines, pushing three different presidents and her colleagues in Congress to treat us fairly and building the clout that comes not only with seniority but respect.” – The Times-Picayune, which along with every other Louisiana paper has endorsed Landrieu


“It is a shame that neither of Texas’ senators sits on the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources. In fact, meeting with representatives from the American Petroleum Institute during CERA Week, the editorial board asked who the API looks to as a leader for oil and gas in the Senate. Their answer can be found a drive east on Interstate 10: U.S. Sen. Mary Landrieu of Louisiana. For Texas’ sake, Louisiana voters should reelect Landrieu to office. Whether you’re a tough-as-steel rig worker or an environmental activist, the entire Gulf Coast benefits from Landrieu’s ceaseless advocacy. The conservative Democrat has served as senator for three terms, and in that time she has demonstrated bipartisan knack at actually getting things done. This is a rare skill in a time when politicians are rewarded more for grabbing headlines than solid accomplishments. Landrieu governs as if serving her constituents is her highest ambition, and Texas benefits from our shared interests.” – The Houston Chronicle, which mostly endorses Repubs, and usually doesn’t issue endorsements in other state’s races


Repubs who support Big Oil are a dime a dozen:

There isn’t a single one who doesn’t.


That’s why Louisiana should stick with Blue

And re-elect Mary Landrieu.


Sure, showing you hate Obama may seem like a high priority,

But if you get rid of Mary, you lose all that seniority.


So while it may feel good to vent your spleen,

Louisiana will suffer when Dems take back the Senate in 2016.


It may feel good now, but you’ll regret it after a while.

(Plus, it’s always good to have folks on your side on both sides of the aisle.)

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