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Not Drinking—Mainlining

Friday, May 23rd, 2014

Inspired by The GOP is still drinking tea (Eugene Robinson, Washington Post 5/23/14 page A15).

The GOP isn’t “drinking” tea—it’s injecting it right into the veins of our body politic. 

“Republicans have pragmatically decided not to concede Senate elections by nominating eccentrics and crackpots. But in persuading the party’s activist base to come along, establishment leaders have pledged fealty to eccentric, crackpot ideas… Democrats must not let voters be fooled. Yes, tea party candidates are going down. But the tea party’s extremism and obstructionism live on.” — Eugene Robinson




Leaders in the GOP still seem to think

That tea is something they just have to occasionally drink.


They brew up a batch of hatreds and fears,

And then drink deeply every two years.


Some like to sip it, and some like to chug,

But for all of them, it’s become a dangerous drug.


“I can control it,” they tell themselves and their funders,

But given their increasingly erratic behavior, one wonders.


“We’re fine,” is the official diagnosis,

While their base craves ever higher doses.


They learned the wrong lesson from 2010 and 2012,

And have chosen only their most obvious addicts to shelve.


In their bid, control of the Senate to retake,

They gotten rid of the ones who uncontrollably shake.


But every one of their new high-functioning candidates

Thinks demons are out to get them, or hallucinates.


Repubs still haven’t recognized and addressed their addiction,

Because they’re afraid to create intra-party friction.


Their answer to the rabid monkey on their backs?

Double down on ideology, and anti-Obama attacks.


“I’m not addicted. I just need one more injection

To get me through this next election.”


Fooling themselves and their enablers is what addicts do.

Please America, don’t let them fool you.


Here’s my first foray into political activism, to the tune of The Who’s Won’t Get Fooled Again. I did this in the lead-up to the 2006 midterms as a criticism of George W. Bush. I wouldn’t have believed it then, but the Tea Party makes Bush’s GOP look good in comparison, so I’m thinking of updating the video for 2014…


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