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Millionaire Mike Goes to Washington

Wednesday, December 29th, 2010

Inspired by For the new guy, D.C. is a tough sell: A Pennsylvania car dealer begins an unlikely career in the House Republicans’ freshman class (Washington Post 12/29/10). Tags: .

“It was people stacked on top of people. I’m thinking, somebody has to pay all these folks to be here… And it’s all paid by us. That’s U.S. taxpayer dollars.” – Congressman-elect Mike Kelly from Butler, PA, unhappy about having to pay the salaries of all the Federal employees he’s been running into here in DC
“It was people stacked on top of people. I’m thinking, somebody has to pay all these folks to be here, not to mention Millionaire Mike’s own hefty salary… And it’s all paid by us, local car buyer dollars.” – A car-buyer in Butler, PA unhappy about having to pay the salaries of Millionaire Mike and his 110 employees.

Millionaire Mike sells automobiles

And ran for Congress because he pissed off feels.

He ran because the government didn’t bail him out too,

And now he wants to make sure they don’t help you.

He ran because he didn’t like the government “takeover” over General Motors

And somehow managed to win over enough gullible PA voters.

(Everybody knows that car dealers are good at pulling the wool over peoples’ eyes

And convincing them to do things that may be unwise.)

He claimed that during the recession he got no personal assistance

(I guess he doesn’t count GM’s continued existence).

Visiting DC, he proceeds the benefits of firing government workers to extol,

But proudly refers to the 110 on his payroll.

How do I know that Kelly’s 110 workers

Don’t incude a large number of shirkers?

If I walk in to Kelly Motors and see salesmen taking coffee breaks,

Will Millionaire Mike give me a refund for the money that takes?

Here’s a news flash: government workers provide a service,

Denigration of which does them –and us– a disservice.

So Mike, why do you insist on deriding

People who an important service are providing.

Perhaps you’ve never been apprised

That not everything can or should be privatized.

As it turns out, the government did a better job than GM’s old management,

Which was characterized by years of mismanagement.

Bailing out GM allowed millions to remain gainfully employed,

About which I’d think you’d be overjoyed.

Forgive me, but I have to wonder,

Would your business have survived if GM had gone under?

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