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Save the Cheerleader, Save the Country

Thursday, October 28th, 2010

Though he’s nominally the Free World’s leader,

Sometimes the President’s no more than a cheerleader.

(A uniqueness personified by TR’s “bully pulpit” phrase,

Since no other country has a system quite like the USA’s.)

That’s been Obama’s role during this election:

Instead of being on the ballot, he’s leading the cheering section.

He’s not on the ballot, but he’s got a lot at stake

Because of the difference for the rest of his term the election will make.

The election’s outcome is crucial for the next two years:

Losing Congress would mean realization of Dems’ worst fears.

Politically, it might actually be to the Dems’ advantage,

Since the GOP being in the majority would certainly mismanage.

That would leave Dems in good position for the 2012 election

And would virtually guarantee a major correction.

Regardless, I still hope it doesn’t take place,

Since two years of GOP rule the last two of progress would erase.

No, Obama wasn’t able to accomplish all that liberals wanted,

But if Republicans take over, progress will be further stunted.

By being in power, Republicans would do themselves damage galore,

But they’d do the country even more.

So I hope that voters don’t to the GOP scam succumb

And we can keep the losses to a minimum.

Otherwise, Republicans will be empowered to carry out their evil plan,

And two more years of that might be more than the country can stand.

So although his name won’t be on the ballot this November,

When it comes time to vote, please just remember

What the country was like after eight years of Bush,

And be sure that you the Democratic Party lever push.

So America, please don’t vote for those crooks and liars

It’s the only way to save the world from the Teabagger Sylars.

Don’t let the GOP with it’s evil plans get away:

Vote Dem, and be a hero (at least for one day).


Here are some scenes (featuring our friend Sylar) from the series that inspired our title. A great series, but I thought it went downhill after the first season and stopped watching.


And here’s your theme music, Heroes by The Wallflowers, with scenes from the movie Godzilla. (If you think she was destructive, wait until you see what the GOP does to America if they win the Congress…)

Here’s a seriously funny musical rendition (the good kind of rendition) of President Obama’s accomplishments.

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