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FOX is Fair and Balanced After All

Saturday, July 31st, 2010

I’ve been critical of Fox since my blog commenced,

Saying they’re not fair and balanced.

But I have to admit that Fox News

Does present opposing views.

A while back, they had a panel debate

With varying degrees of anti-Obama hate.

Obama is Hitler, one panelist said,

No, he’s Stalin, said the other instead.

Both were allowed to express their views without restraint,

Conclusively disproving the “Fox is unfair” complaint.

Fox presents many varying opinions

For the edification of its loyal minions.

For example, Fox commentators also disagree

About the current sad state of our country.

Some think the Republic’s already wrecked

(For more on that, read America Glenn Becked),

And some think that’s still happening now

(Under the leadership of Obama/Stalin/Hitler/Mao).

Fox also encourages presentation of different sets of facts

To form the basis for anti-Obama attacks.

Thus, they’re fair to those who have a different reason

For declaring Obama open season.

For example, some say Obama isn’t really President because he was born abroad,

While others give a different reason for Obama’s citizenship fraud.

They say Obama’s not a citizen because his dad wasn’t American.

See, two opposing positions: now let the debate begin!

Given all this balance, it’s obviously no quirk

That Fox is the most trusted network.

Looking at it this way, I have to agree,

How much more fair and balanced could Fox be?

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