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Walk a Mile in Their Shoes (or, The Devil Doesn’t Wear Prada)

Friday, April 30th, 2010

Inspired by Brian Bilbray, GOP Rep., Claims Clothes Identify Illegal Immigrants (Huffington Post 4/22/10).

What in the world did you just say,

GOP Congressman Brian Bilbray?

Illegal aliens are the new devils incarnate,

And you say you can spot them based on how their shoes fit.

The video news clip didn’t show your shoes,

But I think I can tell what they are based on your views.

Though you (like most Americans) have immigrant roots,

It seems to me like you’re wearing jackboots.

Though you may forswear it,

If the shoe fits, wear it.

 And besides, they go great with your (brown) shirt

(Sorry, but the truth can sometimes hurt.)

Speaking of which, you should try walking a mile in their shoes,

And see if that changes your extreme views.


Here’s Chris Matthews and others on 4/30/10 pointing out the Tea Party silence on this actual threat to liberty, compared to its hyperbolic reaction to pretended ones. Not to blow my own horn (if I could, I’d probably never leave the house), but I think I may have been the first one to make that observation (read Hazing Arizona for more about that). Matthews also shows a clip about Bilbray’s shoe statement (at the 4:20” mark) and makes the Devil Wears Prada reference.

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Speaking of walking a mile in someone’s shoes, here’s the hilarious scene from the movie Fun with Dick and Jane where Jim Carey is mistakenly arrested as an illegal alien. But remember: lose your ID in Arizona, and this could be you. PS: That’s Clint Howard (Ron Howard’s brother and child star of the series Gentle Ben) as the head INS agent.

Here’s your theme music, Illegal Alien by Genesis.

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