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Grand Old Sex Party (or, Eyes Wide Open)

Tuesday, March 30th, 2010

As reported by RNC money spent at Hollywood bondage club by Republican contractor, High Flyer RNC Chairman Steele Suggested Buying Private Jet With GOP Funds (The Daily Caller 3/29/10), Risqué Business (MSNBC FirstRead 3/29/10), RNC expense report renews criticism of Steele’s spending (Washington Post 3/30/10), and The RNC’s risque assessment (Dana Milbank, Washington Post 3/30/10), the Republican Naughtiness Committee (RNC) spent $2K at a sex-themed nightclub in West Hollywood, as well as over $15K spent on pricey Beverly Hills hotels, $18K for chartered private jets (Steele is also reportedly considering buying his own private jet), $13K for limos, and $1,500 to rent gambling equipment.

“Voyeur is an intimate space, provocative and sexy, sophisticated and interesting. Inspired by Eyes Wide Shut and London lounge, Annabelle’s of London, Voyeur transports you to a world of risque sexuality and eroticism.  In fact, even if you tried to escape looking at the naked women all around you, you would ultimately fail.  But then again, why would you even try?” – Voyeur website

There’s a little place in West Hollywood

That the reviews say is pretty good.

It’s a nice place, a quick bite to eat to grab,

Especially if party donors are picking up the tab.

It’s called Voyeur, which is an appropriate name,

And it will be even more popular now, due to sudden media fame.

Popular, that is, except for the RNC,

Which only likes to go to such places in secrecy.

Today’s news is one big Voyeur commercial,

Though the Post just described the club as “controversial.”

It’s a family newspaper, so they must be more reserved.

They couldn’t give Voyeur the full plug it deserved.

Voyeur is a bondage-themed girl-on-girl sex performance club, you see,

Not where you’d expect to find members of the GOP.

After all, they’re supposed to be the Party of Family Values,

And would normally never such behavior excuse.

But the RNC blew $2000 bucks at Voyeur in the last few weeks,

Well worth it for what that of the GOP’s character bespeaks.

I guess if you’ve got lots of donor money to spend,

You might as well go extremely high end.

(There are also  many thousands for chartered jets and a posh hotel–

When the RNC travels, they like to live well.

But of course, it’s the sex club that has attracted media attention.

The rest of that stuff barely merits a mention.)

Like the GOP’s intellectual forefather declared

As he unashamedly stared,

I like to watch,” and the RNC apparently does too,

Especially, GOP donors, when it’s paid for by you.

It reminded me of the Bush official cocaine-fueled sex parties with lobbyists

(No hookers there, unless you count the hobbyists).

What is it about you morally upstanding Republicans

Getting caught up in all these sexual shenanigans?

And what are Republicans doing in Hollywood in the first place?

We all know that that’s a wicked and sinful place.

Whatever happened to the good small town folks

That the Grand Old Party constantly evokes.

So much for the party of “moral values” and traditional marriage—

You’re more sex-crazed than the “degenerates” you so disparage.

But then again, isn’t that always the case?

When you repress things, they’ve got to come out someplace.


Here is a secretly filmed footage from the RNC visit to the club (I think I’m actually the one breaking this story). Unfortunately, the video cuts off right before the RNC official’s face is revealed, so we don’t know who it really is. WARNING: I’ve set the video to start after the nudity, but if you’re over 18, you can move the slider or go back and restart it to watch the full video.

Oh wait, sorry. It turns out that was actually scenes from the movie from which this post in part takes its name (and which Voyeur’s website says inspired the club), Eyes Wide Shut. So never mind. Continuing our Beveryly Hills pornography theme, here’s your music for today, Beverly Hills by Weezer, performing at the Playboy Mansion. Check them out in our Amazon store, or download music, movies, TV shows, and other entertainment for free with the Real SuperPass  free  trial offer (and for my Republican readers, you might even get some girl-on-girl action on Real’s Big Brother feed).

Here’s the Daily Show 3/30/10 report, which also includes some hidden camera video from the club.

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