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US Chamber of Horrors

Saturday, October 31st, 2009

Part 3 in our Happy Halloween quartet. Inspired by “Chamber of Commerce criticizes Obama team and Newsericks” (Washington Post 10/26/09) and  “White House turns Its Guns On The Chamber Of Commerce” (Huffington Post 10/19/09), and the video below from Chamber of Commerce chief lobbyist Bruce Josten’s appearance on Fox News Sunday on 10/25/09. OK, OK, so I made up the part about Newsericks. The Chamber has so far not specifically responded to my earlier critique (I guess they want to minimize its exposure). Check out this post’s namesake and the other horror classics featured in our Halloween quartet and the Newsericks Amazon Store. Watch the Chamber’s ad below, along with Stephen Colbert’s report about the ticket price for George Bush’s latest speaking engagement. Also, SIGN THE PETITION below to protest and take action against Chamber actions.


I believe markets should be free.

After all, who can argue with the free market decree

That a George W. Bush motivational speech

Is worth a grand total of $4.95 each?


Enterprise, like people, should be free too.

But that doesn’t mean that we all rules should eschew.

People must follow laws or they go to jail.

Enterprise must follow them, or our economy will fail.


In fact, that’s a big part of the cause of our current woes,

And that’s why Dems want a few of the missing regs to reimpose.

But as the Chamber’s fierce opposition shows

They far prefer the Republican strategy of anything goes.


So the Chamber is mounting a $100 million ad campaign

The purpose of which is not just to entertain.

They’re trying to convince ad viewers

That those who want regulation are the real wrongdoers.


Their ads pretend to enlighten

But they really just want to frighten.

So don’t fall for the Chamber’s tricks

Or their overblown scare tactics.


It’s not that they’re against all regulation

They’re just against all regulations ever proposed.

They haven’t met a regulation

That they haven’t opposed.


They aren’t very happy with the Obama administration—

They don’t regard the President with admiration.

They’re used to being the ones that run the Nation

(It’s hard to be regulated again after 8 years of vacation).


So they’ve started up a horror campaign,

Promoting the same old tired refrain

That regulation will kill the economy

(As if it weren’t already as dead as can be).


After Bush are there even any regulations left to slash,

Or is it just that they want Obama to bash?

Sure, regulation can be overdone

But they think the right amount of regulation is…



Here’s the Colbert video clip.

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Here’s the Chamber lobbyist’s appearance on Fox News.

Here’s the Chamber’s ad.

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