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In memory of Bill Sparkman

Wednesday, September 30th, 2009

As reported in “Son Sure Ky. Census Taker  Was Slain” (Washington Post 9/29/09) and “Slain Census Worker Warned of Job’s Dangers” (Washington Post 9/25/09) about Bill Sparkman, a 51 year old part-time census taker found Sep. 12 in a remote Kentucky forest bound and gagged with a rope around his neck and “Fed” scrawled on his chest with a felt tipped pen.  Government is bad + census is nefarious socialist/fascist plot = this is what happens. This is what Nancy Pelosi was talking about in “Pelosi Says Anti Obama Rhetoric Sounds Familiar” (9/18/09 Washington Post).

Evil government’s encroaching,

Black helicopters are approaching,

Everything’s a socialist/fascist conspiracy,

There are some that would agree.

Bill Sparkman was killed this month.

We’re not completely sure why.

But one thing we’re sure of:

He didn’t have to die.

They bound and gagged him and strung him to a tree.

In the far-off woods of Kentucky.

Was it because he was a “Fed”?

(That’s what they wrote beneath his head.)

He was a good man,

A teacher, a cancer survivor, and a dad.

Did he knock on the wrong door?

What did they kill him for?

Words have impact.

You can’t put back what’s out.

This is what Pelosi

Was talking about.


Here’s a video clip of Pelosi’s statement.

Update 11/29/09: It’s now believed that Bill Sparkman committed suicide, but the fact that his murder by right-wing anti-government zealots was so easy to believe is not a good sign. I’m happy to have been wrong on this one, although still sad for Mr. Sparkman and his family.

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