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Newt’s Beaut

Wednesday, August 26th, 2009

In response to an almost comically absurd article authored by Mr. Gingrich, no one has proposed that the Government “run” healthcare (like “death panels,” this is a straw man created by the Right to confuse the issue), only that the current system be reformed. Even the hated “public option” (which now seems unlikely) is a far cry from government run healthcare, given that it would be an optional program only, and that healthcare providers would still be private sector. It is however instructive that the Government’s two healthcare programs, Medicare and the VA healthcare system, are both more cost-effective and have higher satisfaction ratings than private sector programs. And in line with Newt’s dictum “Facta, non verba,” we should pay more heed to Republicans’ past opposition to Medicare than to their current pious statements that they want to protect Medicare recipients from the scourge of healthcare reform. Finally, it is absurd to state that “Cash for Clunkers” is a failure because it met its goals ahead of time, and that this proves that healthcare reform would also fail. By that tortured logic, the principal Republican innovation for healthcare reform, the Medical Savings Account, should be considered a great success, since it achieved only 8 million people covered compared to its goal of 35 million.

Newt, Newt,

Your last article was a beaut.

I was the first to comment, but you didn’t respond.

What a disappointment: I’d hoped we could correspond.

But I was glad to see

That you upheld the intellectual standard…

Of the GOP.

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