10 Years

September 11th, 2011

Here are my further thoughts on this 9-11 ten year anniversary, in addition to which I’ve added separate posts with what I felt to be particularly compelling videos and pictures of the day’s events. They describe what happened better than anything more I could have written.


After ten years, most memories go away,

But 9-11 still seems like yesterday.


I remember the first responders running in

And then seeing the towers burn and cave in.


I remember the heroism of those who fought back

Against the cowardly terrorist attack.


I remember feeling stunned disbelief,

And when my family was together, relief.


I remember volunteering at the Pentagon,

A big piece of which was incongruously gone.


I ended up driving around other volunteers

While trying to choke back my tears.


It’s wasn’t much, compared to what others gave,

Their fellow Americans to protect and save.


But that little bit was something I had to do,

And many others felt that way too.


My daughters were young and don’t really remember

What happened on that sunny day in September.


But for me, those feelings will never fade,

Even after another decade.


Here’s a 9-11 chronology, with links to more video, pictures, and information for each “event”:

I’ll update this throughout the day with additional links and video.

PS: 7:59 a.m. is when flight AA11 departed Logan International Airport, the first of the four hijacked planes to take off (and the first to hit).


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