About Newsericks

Welcome to Newsericks (as in News Limericks), a tongue-in-cheek rhyming account of the daily news (admittedly with a liberal bias).

Yes, yes — as the English majors among you may have already noticed, many of my poems aren’t technically limericks (A-A-B-B-A rhyme scheme), since I’ve found that the other rhyme schemes usually work better for me.  But “News-poem” doesn’t make a good domain name.

To find newsericks on a particular topic, use either the list of recent posts, categories, and archives to the left, or click on a “tag” in the word cloud to the right (tag size indicates the frequency that the topic comes up). Or, click at the “Sphere” tag at the bottom of each post to see what other bloggers and mainstream media are saying about the topic. And check out our Twitter page!

All Newsericks content is copyrighted. It may be cited freely (with reference to www.newsericks.com); other uses with permission only.

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